We have a number of pattern designing specialists and nearly 30 technicians for color separation to accurately analyze the specification of the coming sample, follow customer requirements to design various types of patterns and ensure the printing production quality. They regularly search international information to keep a strong sense of new fashions and color trends for pattern design.

It is the most common printing way to apply to most of pattern design.
We have flat-rotary combined printing machines to enrich our varieties of prints. Rotary screen printing is a continuous process with roller and screen print benefits, hence the productivity efficiency is improved and there is no joint line in prints.
Many of our advanced digital printing machines are adopting the pattern of numbers printing without restrictions of chromatography in traditional prints, and it is especially suitable for high precision and complex patterns. Moreover, their built-in ink cartridges of 12 colors help the pattern more delicate and subtle.

Our heat transfer printing system is composed of digital paper printer and heat transfer printing machine. Patterns are printed on the paper by digital printer and can be transferred to fabric under heat and pressure. This printing process, suitable for polyester, is characterized by bright color and vivid effect. Moreover, it is energy-saving and non-polluting, because it needs no further finishing process.


Embossed fabric is the process of printing on the fabric with concave - shaped roller.When printing, the desired pattern is carved on the surface of the cylinder. When the fabric is pressed with pressure and temperature, it is transferred to the fabric and printed with concave pattern. Using this technique, the fabric texture effect is more diverse, and different texture effects also bring different surprises to fashion and life.


Punching fabrics are rich in forms and changeable in style. Applying to clothing can enhance the decorative and visual impact of clothing, improve the dimension and layering sense of clothing, which can help designers express their design concepts. Light and breathable hollow elements make those unchangeable clothes are no longer dull, so more and more designers use these punching hollow fabrics in clothing design.