Product development

We own a group of professional technical engineers, advanced production equipments. Through cooperation with well-known raw material suppliers, such as INVISTA, CLARIANT, HUNTSMAN, we actively encourage tests of new processes, researches on application properties of new raw materials, dyes and auxiliaries, and develop close-to –top trends and new varieties based on customer requirements.


We currently have more than ten spandex warping machines and nearly one hundred high-speed warp knitting machines, most of which are the most advanced warping machines in the world.

Guide bars: 2, 3, 4 or 6

Gauge: E28, E32, E36 and E40

To strictly control and ensure the high product quality, all of our warping machines and warping knitting machines are equipped with effective automatic photographic instruments.

In addition to some regular swimsuit plain fabrics and simple microfiber underwear fabrics, our company aims to develop more different features products such as mesh, overlock fabrics, seamless fabrics, and jacquards that can meet various requirements of customers. We can produce high-stretch mesh, sliding surface lycra, jostin, satin fabrics, and sportswear fabrics with special stretching requirements, as well as all kinds of fleece varieties, and other textured fabrics with different styles.


In recent years, we have introduced nearly 100 large circular knitting machines of various types, making the production capacity of weft knitted fabrics reach a certain scale and enriching the company's fabric varieties.

Currently we own nearly 200 circular knitting machines, including E28-E50 single-sided weft knitting machines, E20-E40 double-sided weft knitting machines, several E28 mini-jacquard single and double-sided jacquard knitting machines, and computer-aided single-sided jacquard knitting machines.

Different kinds of knitting machines have greatly enriched our varieties of products, such as delicate and light underwear fabrics, environmentally comfortable spacer, functional fabrics with antibacterial and quick dry treatment, and swimwear fabrics of good elasticity to fit on the body perfectly, etc.