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Our professional R&D teams can capture market information in a timely manner and continuously introduce the most suitable products.

Professional Quality

We focus on target customers, promote meaningful innovations, and improve every detail of production quality. Because of the focus, we strive for excellence.

We Believe Quality Is the Soul of the Enterprise

We use high-tech environmentally friendly raw materials and dyes, and adopt advanced equipment and production processes in knitting, dyeing, finishing, printing and other production processes;

We have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental protection certification;

We have made major investments to introduce advanced instruments and equipment at home and abroad with high standards and specifications, and constantly improve the laboratory testing equipment and satisfy the testing demands of customers.

Derun laboratory has been equipped with a constant temperature and humidity chamber in line with international standards, which ensures a reliable guarantee for the testing of physical properties. We can carry out regular colorfastness, physical properties testing and certain functional indicators, such as moisture absorption, wicking, water and oil repellent tests. And testing can apply to GB, ISO, AATCC, ASTM, M&S, JIS and French Decathlon, Australian TARGET, American VS and Japanese Uniqlo standards.

We encourage laboratory staff visit domestic and international well-known laboratories, conduct learning and exchanges ideas to strengthen the correct understanding of various test standards, and communicate with notary testing organizations recognized by the international and domestic industries - such as ITS, BV , SGS and Kaken, etc. Our laboratory has been carrying out the comparative tests periodically to increase the test precision, which has been recognized by domestic and international well-known companies such as Decathlon, VS and Uniqlo.

Derun laboratory has also obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate (registration number: CNAS L11985) of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment in recent years. It participates in the proficiency testing of corresponding projects every year and has obtained satisfactory results.

As a professional manufacture Integrating knitting, dyeing, finishing, printing production processes, we have implemented the ERP computer management system to monitor all aspects of production in real time and realize data sharing, which is conducive to efficient internal operation and is a powerful force for stable product quality and timely supply.

Our products are certified by the OEKO-TEX100 test and have obtained the corresponding environmental protection certificate.

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