Warm congratulations Guangdong Derun Textile co., Ltd. won the national textile industry employee representatives warp workers vocational skills Final champion
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Guangdong Derun Textile co., Ltd. emphasis on staff skills training, learning and mastering and excellent professional knowledge and basic skills in their daily work, strict requirements, excellent skills acquired solid.

November 18, 2013 --21 days, the textile industry, "Runyuan cup" warp workers vocational skills contest finals held in Jiangsu Wujin, Derun Textile workshop staff represent the company in Guangdong Province after the adoption of the preliminary round, achieved excellent results into the national finals. Contest organizers said that the event is organized by the preliminary winner from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other provinces Gather in Wujin forward, the finalists, they represent the highest level of their respective provinces warp knitting industry. Finalists, not only solid theoretical knowledge, practical skills are also very prominent. The competition adequately represent the highest level of national warp knitting industry, the textile industry to further stimulate the workers' knowledge, training and technology, and skills, first-class "passion for improving skills and overall quality of workers, promote the industry flourished employee training, job training, technical competition, technological innovation activities serve as a model.

The final exam covers theoretical and practical, in practice the race and set up a "yarn splicing, the replacement of the wrong yarn for a bad needle" and "pinning" Two individual. After fierce competition, the final first and second place, respectively, by the co Guangdong Derun Textile., Ltd. employees Xiaoman Ou, Jinfeng Zhang obtained. In view of the excellent results achieved in the game, they were recommended and awarded the Guangdong Provincial Labor Medal.