Talents are the most valuable social resources, they also act as a key chain which enterprises rely on to exist and develop. Derun welcomes talents with an open mind, puts people first in corporation management and establishes sets of introduction, training, using and encouraging mechanisms.

We prefer to the best people by our successful career, enterprise development and excellent culture that we could work together to build a strong enterprise through a high-quality workforce.

To wit the creation of wealth, with a wealth of talent in return
To wit the creation of wealth, with a wealth of talent in return, are Derun respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for labor, an important manifestation of creation, the purpose is to have the knowledge, ability, give full play to the wisdom in creating economic benefits for the enterprise at the same time, companies give some financial return, it has not only been in the political encouragement, but also on the personal income has also become part of the rich first, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of all kinds of talent and creativity, and promote common development of enterprises and individuals.
Outperformed the qualifications, ability above qualifications, ability and political integrity
Companies adhere to the "race horses" in principle, "outperformed qualifications, higher education capacity" and "ability and political integrity" as employment standards, provides a broad stage to display their talent for employees.
People-oriented dynamic human resources talent
We firmly believe that talent is the real power of enterprise development, employees are our wings to take off, we are employees stage show, employees and our common development. So we promote people-oriented management thinking, implement people-oriented management policy, stated: "The so-called enterprise business, is the talent management; competition called the industry, is the talent competition." To develop a "people-oriented, human resources, dynamic talent" of the modern enterprise human resources management concept.
Utilized, can make the best use
Merit, apply their knowledge, comprehensive development. The principle of "the length of employment, short guest," the implementation of appointment of the Group management, the right people in the right positions, the full development of potential employees, to provide staff with a good growing environment.
Training is the largest employee benefits, employee development is the best reward
The company attaches great importance to training, and actively create a good learning and training conditions, to fully exploit the potential of employees to enhance their skills and overall quality of staff through training, promoting the growth of talent. To mobilize staff enthusiasm for learning, and vigorously carry out three ratio (ratio ideal, than the technology, and contributions), Third Year (Genesis beautiful environment, a good order, a civilized unit), the winner to be commended for its award within the enterprise form learning atmosphere. Enterprise ready to receive reasonable suggestions of employees, to maintain good interaction and communication with employees, and become friendly staff, staff love a good business atmosphere.
Respect, trust, understanding
Companies adhere to the "respect, trust, understanding person" principle, in the "people-oriented" culture influence enterprise, encouraging each employee self-reliance, love of plants dedicated, pioneering spirit, collaboration and dedication, the staff of the heart and business closely unite together, to businesses, to create greater value for society. Welcome to people with lofty ideals to join Derun!